Family Bonds Nurtured, One Vacation At A Time.

Family bonds have become increasingly difficult to nurture over the years with the boom of social media and technology advancement. So, what can we do to reconnect with those we love most?  Well, in this piece we will look at the benefits of family vacations. We look at how vacations can help with nurturing family bonds. We share experiences with you that act as a case study and hopefully gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with good old-fashioned family vacay fun. So, as always, grab your cup of joe, sit back and enjoy the read.

It’s a week before you and your folks are about to hit the road on your annual family vacation. The house is brimming with excitement and banter of what’s to come. There is a good energy in the air and everyone has a skip in their step. Who doesn’t remember feeling this way as a kid? Even before you and your family left the house, you could feel that family bonds were about to be strengthened. Even your dad’s old school cassettes formed part of the whole experience you were about to have. Nowadays face to face connections are undervalued and connecting with people digitally has become our main source of communication with one another. Therefore, the need for family vacations has become important in our mission to nurture family bonds. Let’s look at the benefits.

Speaking of nurturing family bonds… Let’s talk about relationships.

The day has finally arrived and you and your family are ready to hit the road. With everyone having packed their bags, the kids are helping to pack the car for the journey is about to begin. All packed up, you hit the road and almost immediately the anticipation for where you are headed carries over from your home into the car. Questions pop up about what you will be doing first and who will be sleeping where. A road-trip is truly a special opportunity to bond with your family. Here the journey starts and sets the tone for what’s to come.

Remember that being away from the normal routine of daily life opens the door to sharing new things with one another which helps with nurturing the relationships you share. So when you get to your destination, make time for spending time together and some one on one time with one another. You’ll be surprised by how a fishing experience with your son or a mother and daughter spa day can nurture the bond you share as parents with your kids.

Family Bonds - Dad and daughter at the beach


We do not remember days; we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese


Get away from the screens and into bonding activities.

The year is 2007, and the Garden Route is a hub for family fun. With so many adventure activities available, we set out on a full day and night experience. Starting off with a hike into the Swartberg Mountains for some wild caving. With our guide leading the way, the whole family found this experience to be exhilarating. Afterward, we set up camp in one of the caves where some of our ancestors once lived. Here, next to the bond fire, we shared stories from the past and hopes for the future – far away from technology.

These types of experiences are what family bonds are made of. It presents an opportunity for us to get away from our phones and truly share our hopes and dreams with one another instead of reading about it on a Facebook status. A new environment without technology does wonders for the soul and brings about a new found energy.

Family Bonds - Activities


Let’s wander where the wifi is weak” – Anonymous


Be sure to capture the moment… when necessary!

Let’s face it, we all want a keepsake to remember the experiences we had as a family.  Be it Mom, who is readily available to capture Dad’s braaing skills or your sister wanting to capture the whole family on Umhlanga’s Whalebone pier. Photos are an important part of family bonding and provide an opportunity for all of us to be a bit silly and show off our happiness. But remember, the aim is to get away from the screens – so only capture when necessary. Don’t let the want of wanting to share every single moment with the world, take away from what’s important. Time spent with one another. We suggest you go old school with a camera!

Family Bonding - Capturing the moment on a cliff


A camera is a save button for the minds eye” – Rogu Kingston


Push away the norm by going outside of your comfort zone.

Imagine jumping off the Bloukrans Bridge with your partner. Surely an experience way outside of your comfort zone. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be this extreme. The point is to experience something you and your family wouldn’t normally do when you are home, something that you will remember for the rest of your life. One experience had a young teenager riding a horse for the first time, it led him into a tree and as he swung on the branch laughter took over. Maybe not the best of experiences to share, but the point is that by going out of his comfort zone he created a memorable experience even if it wasn’t as anticipated. One that he still thinks back to as part of one of the best family vacations he has ever had.

Family Bonding - Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous


Keep an open mind.

We live in a culture rich country. Many foreigners visiting our shores describe South Africa as a hub for cultural diversity and rich landscapes. Now because we live here and we are thrown with the news of the day left, right and center, we often don’t see what we have. Getting away with our family to other places within our country allows for us to learn more about the diversity foreign travelers speak of. Learning together as a family allows us to come back home with a new sense of appreciation. Keeping an open mind during these experiences helps build on our family bonds and brings with it memories that we will be sharing with friends and family for years to come.

Family Bonds - Cultural South Africa


Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Batutta


Get to planning your next family vacation together.

Now that we have given you some insight into the benefits of family vacations, what makes it even more exciting is the actual planning of it. Involve the whole family in picking your next destination to get the excitement going. This will bring so much joy as you see the excitement on their faces. Remember that a family vacation doesn’t have to be expensive and that you can get the best value for money without having to cut down on the things you really want to do. What’s important is the experience you are about to have and the bonds that you are about to strengthen.

To help you find some inspiration, check out our Bargain Bin where you will find frugal resorts across the country that the whole family will enjoy.

Family Bonds - Planning your vacation


The best thing about a vacation is planning it.” – Andy Rooney


What other benefits do you think come with family vacations? Share with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to like us on Facebook to be the first to know about new informative travel blogs and special offers. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @resortsetc and get inspired!

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