Durban Breakaway Experience – Winter For What?

Durban breakaway deals have become more and more sought after over the last decade. Especially for those looking to break away from the winter cold across the country. But, what is it about Durban that draws people to its shores winter after winter? Well, today we look at what makes Durban special, especially during the South African winter months. So, sit back, relax and let’s head to what many consider to be the surfing capital for a Durban breakaway.

Your Winter Weather Guide For Your Durban Breakaway

We think the number one reason that South African’s head down to Durban during winter is because of the weather. With temperatures averaging between 15 and 25 degrees with little to no rain, it offers idyllic t-shirt weather. Baring in mind, Durban is known for its humidity especially during the summer months. That’s why during winter you are free from this, giving you the perfect weather conditions for outdoor activities of which Durban has plenty. Couple this with sea temperatures that rarely drop below 19 degrees making a day at the beach in the dead of winter a given. If this isn’t reason enough for a Durban breakaway, don’t worry, there is so much more in store.

Durban Breakaway - Winter Weather

Leave The Crowds Behind During Winter

Now one thing is for sure, we all hate overcrowded spaces and every long queue that comes with it. That’s why Durban in winter offers all the perks of an ideal holiday without the overcrowded beaches that summer brings. So you can walk the Golden Mile, have fun with the kids at Usaka Marine World and even go Segwaying through Moses Mabhida Stadium without having to worry about long waiting times and extensive queues.  On top of this, the prices are allot more reasonable. Now you can enjoy resort facilities without having to worry about being able to find a sun lounger.

Durban Breakaway - Crowds

Nothing Gets Put On Hold In Durban

While the rest of the country goes into hibernation, Durban remains open for business. What this means is that nothing closes for winter. So you can experience high season activities without the winter crowds. Now how is that for holiday awesomeness? This coupled with the beautiful weather gives you and the family time to experience the many parks Durban has to offer. So feel free to pack in that picnic basket and enjoy all the wide open spaces available to you.

Durban Breakaway - Nothing Closes

Spice Up Your Life On Your Durban Breakway

For days when it’s only 15 degrees, Durban’s spicy dishes are sure to warm you right up. This is a curry lover paradise! But be warned, Durban hot is another level altogether. Choose to eat out at one of the many world-class restaurants or try out Durban’s food markets to get an authentic taste of the area. For those who chose to take up self-catering accommodation, be sure to head over to Durban’s Spice Market where you will find every type of spice you can think of. This also makes for a lovely gift to take home with you or just to fill up your spice rack. You’ll thank us later.

Durban Breakaway - Spice up your life

So Many Winter Events You Won’t Be Bored

From the Durban July to the South African Music Awards to amazing international concerts held at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Durban comes alive with events during winter. A big drawcard for the healthy sports troopers amongst us is, of course, the Comrades Marathon – well worth a go for the running enthusiasts. And for the surfing enthusiasts, the surfs always up in Durban. Many surfing events take place during winter because of the surfing conditions coupled with the weather being optimal at this time of year. One thing you can’t miss out on and need to experience at least once in your life is the Sardine Run. It is truly something remarkable to behold and experience.

Durban Breakaway - Winter Events

Amazing Accommodation Deals

Let’s face it, Durban accommodation can get expensive during high season. And if you are as frugal as we are, then winter accommodation rates is what you will be after. Even with big events happening in the area, accommodation rates remain at low season prices. And for the best rates in town, we have got you covered. Be sure to check out our Bargain Bin for unbeatable specials in and around Durban. Have a look at our Silver Sands deal for August, this will have you in the heart of Durban and close to all the major attractions you and the family will love.

Durban Breakaway - Accommodation

Have you spent winter in Durban? Tell us about your experience by commenting below, we’d love to hear from you. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @resortsetc.  After this, Durban is calling! Book your winter Durban Breakaway today.


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